Time to gather signatures for TOWN APPROPRIATIONS once again…

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We are in need of people to come together and help us gather signatures for Town Appropriations on Nov.8th! Yes, election day is an important day to get out and vote AND also why not help your local community by helping Umbrella gather signatures! Town Appropriations are a big part of our fundraising efforts and if we are able to collect all the signatures needed we have the potential to raise over $50,000! This year being an election year means that the odds are in our favor to reach that goal. This is where YOU come in. We could really use you to collect those signatures. This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to take action and do something good for your community. The money we raise goes to the programs and people we serve in our communities. Help us do good this holiday season!

We need signature gatherers in the following towns:
Derby, Kirby, Barnet, and Canaan.

Job Details:
Assistants will be paid an hourly stipend $15 and mileage reimbursement $.575.  A total of 10% of the total number of signatures required is needed in order to be compensated for this position. To apply please respond with a brief statement of your interest and availability. Transportation is required.

You can also request to not be paid and VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME!