The Advocacy Program



                    The Advocacy Program serves survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, dating violence, and stalking and their children.

All Services are Free and Confidential  


St. Johnsbury (802)748-8645 | Newport (802) 334-0148     Office Hourse M-F 8:30-4:30

 Safety Planning

  • Help applying for restraining orders
  • Support during criminal  justice system procedures
  • Help with accessing public benefits, housing,  job training, etc.  

Emergency Housing

  • Advocates work with survivors to identify the best emergency housing resource for their situation.
  • Look beyond shelter to a transitional or permanent housing situation.

Ongoing Support & Prevention

  • Support groups to help heal from trauma and restore a sense of autonomy  and wellness.
  • System advocacy to ensure community responses  prioritize victim safety and offender accountability.
  • Prevention services to schools, youth-serving organizations and professional groups  to change attitudes and behaviors about gender norms and violence.
Economic Justice Programming Survivors are eligible for financial literacy training, using the Allstate Foundation’s Moving Ahead from Safety to Security curriculum. Survivors may also be eligible for  a matched savings program, and can work to rebuild damaged credit.

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