Program Support for Child Care Providers

Vermont Birth to Five Child Care Mentor (Registered Homes & LECC-Legally Exempt Child Care, Only)

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Our in-house Vermont Birth to Five Child Care Mentor is Crystal Wilkins! Crystal mentors child care providers with their Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP).  She also guides along career paths and can assist with STARS, Food Program, applying for small grants, support with the CDA Credential, curriculum development, Strengthening Families, marketing strategies, Environmental Rating Scales, and anything else that the Registered Home or Legally Exempt provider could run across in their daily work.  Want to set up a meeting? Crystal is happy to come to you at a time that works for you! Early mornings, nap times, and after hours–Crystal does it all!
Crystal Wilkins: 748-1992 x 330 or via email at


VAEYC (Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children) Quality Improvement Mentor (Centers, Only)

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Working in collaboration, the project offers mentoring & technical assistance to licensed programs in Vermont. Everyone could use a little bit of advice, support and sometimes a push. The project mentors are available in every region of Vermont to support your program quality improvement efforts. If you are interested in pursuing STARS, NAEYC Accreditation, or looking for support around Individual Professional Development Plans and/or Environmental Rating Scales in your program, VAEYC mentors can help! The mentors are people who are working or have worked in licensed programs and are interested in offering their peers support and encouragement. All services are free!
Project Contact Information: Sonja Raymond, Project Coordinator
(802) 578-0735 or via email at:


Consulting through Resource Development Office

When you are seeking support, our consultation options through the Resource Development office can be available to work with parents, guardians, and child care providers to foster the growth and development of the young children in your life.  We are available to assist with a wide range of child care/child development related issues. The support can be offered via phone, email, the sharing of resources, parent information nights, and through program site visits. Support is given in many ways including; written material, workshops, program visits, and links to other community resources.
For support, please contact Kim Buxton 748-1992 x 316.  Jessica Poginy is also available for support for Specialized Child Care Programs, Jessica can be reached at 748-1992 x 327.