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 Horizon House Shelter and Direct Service Advocate |
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Job Description

 Position Classification: Full-time, Hourly, non-exempt (37.5 per week)

Supervised by: Advocacy Program Manager, St. Johnsbury Office

 The Horizon House Shelter Advocate is charged with oversight of housing and support services to survivors and is responsible for managing Umbrella’s Horizon House emergency shelter facilities. The Shelter Advocate is responsible for providing a safe, supportive, caring environment to survivors of domestic and sexual violence from a social justice perspective. The advocate is directed in this planning by the survivor, who is the expert on her life.

 1)      Direct Service to victims of domestic and sexual violence with a focus on the guests living at the Horizon House Shelter

a)      Provide crisis support

b)      Offer follow-up assistance to clients

c)      Safety plan with clients

d)     Plan and implement on-site support services, independent living skills workshops, support groups and other services identified by participants.

e)      Work with residents to develop a process/structure for conflict resolution and self-governance.

f)       Coordinate with the Youth Program to ensure adequate support for children in shelter

g)      Assist survivor along with the Housing Advocate to secure permanent, sustainable and safe housing.

h)      Coordinate with residents and facilitate weekly house meetings.

i)        Coordinate shelter coverage with Advocacy team.

j)        Other direct service as needed.
2)      Management of Horizon House

a)      Orients new residents.

b)      Help ensure general upkeep of the shelter – cleaning, supply needs etc. 

c)      Turn over living spaces when survivors leave shelter.

d)     Report any facility issues and coordinate repairs with property manager.

e)      Coordinate food pantry delivery and distribution.


3)      General

a)      Provide secondary/back-up direct service coverage as needed.

b)      Participate in additional direct service activities (support groups, client trainings, special events, etc.) as needed

c)      Follow all policies and procedures of the Advocacy Program and the Horizon House shelter.

d)     Maintain confidential client files and other records.

e)      Coordinate with Program Manager to maintain the survivor needs excel spreadsheet and reconcile it monthly with Umbrella’s Finance and Operations Manager.

f)       Perform any appropriate activities as requested by the Program Coordinator

g)      Attend program, advocate and staff meetings as well as Network Shelter Coordinators’ meetings.

h)      Collect and maintain non-identifying data necessary for grant reports, and prepare HOP grant reports.

i)        Participate in learning opportunities as determined jointly with Program Coordinator.


Required Qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience required.

Experience working in advocacy, domestic and sexual violence or housing-related issues strongly preferred.

Commitment to Umbrella’s mission and values. A passion for the cultivation of strong communities and to supporting the empowerment, safety and self-determination of women, children and families.

Excellent communication and organizational skills.

Ability to work within an interdependent, yet self-directed team. Comfortable making decisions and solving problems independently, creatively and effectively.

A strong sense of appropriate boundaries and reliability.

Integrity, compassion, sense of humor and fun, attention to detail, and self-awareness.


Work Culture at Umbrella

Diversity Statement: In principle and in practice, Umbrella values and seeks a diverse organization. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, age, health status (including HIV-positive), physical, mental or emotional ability, sexual orientation/identity, gender identity/expression, socio-economic status, race, national origin, parental responsibility, language, immigration status, or religious or political affiliation

Umbrella exists to ensure that communities in Caledonia, Orleans and Essex Counties offer safety, support and options for self-determination to women and families by:

  • decreasing the incidence and impact of domestic and sexual violence;
  • ensuring that children thrive in safe communities and in families attentive to their needs; and
  • addressing other forms of injustice and oppression of women toward improving the equity of opportunity available to women.

Umbrella’s programs are distinct and each serves a different, sometimes overlapping, constituency. While our services are available to all who meet eligibility guidelines, service to women and families connects our programs to our mission.

  • Umbrella is a progressive, feminist organization.
  • We are pro-choice, pro-child and pro-family.
  • While some aspects of our work are politically charged, our core values of Respect, Integrity, Self-Determination, and Equity guide every discussion we have and decision we make.
  • Because we are a family-friendly workplace, there are sometimes children in the office. We work to ensure that the needs of all staff are met by our policies, and that the office is a pleasant, productive workplace.
    Email resume to Elisa@umbrellanek.org| No phone calls please




Umbrella’s Cornucopia program seeks volunteers to assist with packaging our weekly senior meals in Newport. Volunteers are needed between 8:30 and 11:00 every Tuesday and Thursday.
Contact Vaunne 802-487-9380 | Vaunne@umbrellanek.org


The Family Room
The Supervised Visitation & Exchange Monitor is charged with providing direct services to families through safe, appropriate supervised visitations and exchanges with the non-custodial parent and the child(ren).
Contact Amanda 802-535-0818 | amanda@umbrellanek.org

Host a house party
Please contact us if you are interested in hosting an event to benefit Umbrella, or if you have creative ideas to help our organization. We can provide materials or a speaker to provide information for your guests. Email info@umbrellanek.org.